Two country music Lukes — Luke Combs and Luke Bryan — add to the humor of the latest installment of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets, where stars sit down to get roasted by random social media users.

Bryan was in the hot seat first, reading a tweet about his latest single: "I'd rather listen to a barn full of baby pigs being vaccinated ... than listen to Luke Bryan's new song," it said.

The "What She Wants Tonight" singer had an equally hilarious response, saying, "I have vaccinated baby pigs and that's awful."

2019 CMA Awards Male Vocalist and Song of the Year winner Combs was up next, spouting off a burning tweet that said: "Luke Combs makes music for people who taste the gas before they fill up their truck."

Combs couldn't help but laugh, responding, "That's pretty good. I'll give them that one."

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Country music supergroup Midland also appeared in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment, and they received perhaps the harshest jab: "[Midland] looks like they have a white van with 'free candy' written on the side."

"It's a black van," they joked back.

Mean Tweets is a segment on the late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! where celebrities routinely take turns reading hilarious tweets from Twitter. The newest episode, posted after the 2019 CMA Awards on Nov. 13, also featured alternative pop singer Billy Eilish, hip-hop artist Chance the Rapper, punk rock band Green Day, soft rock crooner John Mayer, shock rock pioneer Alice Cooper and "Truth Hurts" rapper Lizzo.

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