Beer never broke Luke Combs' heart, but a video the singer posted to Instagram just might well break the Internet.

On Monday (Aug. 5), Combs shared a video of an unidentified little kid singing a stanza of his single "Beer Never Broke My Heart." The tyke, jamming out in the kitchen with a child-sized acoustic guitar, wails "Long-neck ice-cold beer never broke my heart" with an impressive drawl, all the while avoiding stepping on a toy spider on the floor next to him.

The kid's got an undeniably authentic vibe, although any first glimmers of heartbreak are most likely at least a dozen years down the road for him.

Combs clearly approves. "Sing it buddy! Watch out for that spider though," he sagely advised in his post.

The share attracted many amused responses from fellow country stars, including Old Dominion (who summed things up neatly with "Best. Video. Ever."), Dan + Shay's Dan Smyers, Mitchell Tenpenny, Dee Jay Silver and others.

If the video weren't enough to prove the song's overall popularity, Combs' hit has clearly struck a chord with a wide audience, as the tune is currently his sixth straight No. 1 song, hitting the top of both Billboard and Mediabase charts this week. Combs isn't a stranger to the upper regions of the charts, as every song he's released to radio has gone on to hit No. 1.

The North Carolina native is said to be working on his second studio album now. This One's for You was released in 2017.

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