If the world should end during Post Malone's lifetime, he knows exactly where he will be — right at home in Utah. When the rapper purchased a gorgeous home in Cottonwood Heights in 2018, he went to work turning it into doomsday bunker. And while he has yet to reveal specific details about his end-of-the-world amenities, he says the home is "gonna be fun until the world ends, but when the world ends, it's gonna be functional."

Post Malone's Home in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

The newly-minted country artist bought the sprawling 12,702-foot mansion in what he calls "the sticks" for $3 million. Cottonwood Heights in a fairly secluded area outside of Salt Lake City with mountains, canyons, lakes and more. Malone's 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom home sits on 6.75 acres of land.

It won't be a bad place to be stuck in the event of the apocalypse with a gym, pool, basketball court, wine cellar and other amenities. Not to mention, the finishes on the home are stunning and very modern. TMZ reports Malone had planned to build a recording studio and install 30 bunk beds for his friends.

Watch the slideshow below to see inside this fabulous home.

Why Did Post Malone Move to Utah?

While chatting with Joe Rogan on his podcast in 2021, the "I Had Some Help" singer explained why he was so drawn to the state of Utah.

"It's incredible," he says of the scenery. "It's just like you're a f---ing dot on the entire globe."

"Without sounding corny," Malone continues. "It's like you feel like you're a part of something bigger, but you're so insignificant and then you can just say I accept everything around me. I'm relaxed, and I'm at peace."

The change of pace compared to Los Angeles was also very appealing to the wrapper. The hustle and bustle of the music industry affected his creative process in a negative way.

Malone loves his Cottonwood Heights community so much he even appeared in a promotional video for the town.

How Does Post Malone Think the World Will End?

Truth be told, one does not build an end-of-the-world bunker without thinking about how the world will meets its end. For Malone, it won't be an alien invasion or an all-out war among humans.

"Catastrophe — natural catastrophe," he shared in an interview. "It could be an asteroid or Yellowstone blowing up."

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