There are some places that have a real vernacular associated with them. In what state do people say words like "gnarly", "brah" and "bomb"? Though people use those words across the country, I'm sure you were able to guess that I meant Californians. But if I said something like "hey, yooz guys, look at the guy buggin' by the bodega, we got mad beef" you'd know I'm talking like a New Yorker.

Though less distinctive, Montanans have their own slang too. A website called Crossword Solver used Twitter data to determine popular slang words in each state, here's the terms they said Montanans use:


As in "wrecked." Crossword Solver said this was Montana's "gaming word." So if you lose a video game to a Montanan they might yell out "you got rekt" in celebration. I've definitely heard Montanans say this once or twice while playing Fortnite.


Like the sound a car makes while swerving away, a Montanan might say "this is awkward, Imma skrt out of here." Crossword Solver said this is our gen-z word, and given my lack of exposure to youngins that might explain why I've never heard a Montanan say it.


Short for bourgeois, meaning fancy or high class. Crossword Solver says this is our "hip-hop word" and I've heard Montanans say it many times, especially when talking about Bozeman or Whitefish

Sugar Daddy

I just don't believe Montanans actually say this, but according to Crossword Solver this is our "girlfriend/boyfriend word." The only other state to use this word the most was New York, which sounds about right.

Other Slang Words

Crossword Solver's data aside, I've noticed Montanans other slang words too. This may be hard to hear, but I'd say Montana uses California slang more than anywhere else. I often hear Montanans say "sick," "rad," "dude," and "stoked". But never a Boston word like "wicked" or southern slang like "fixin'". Just an observation, don't shoot the messenger.

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