Last year was the inaugural year of the Old Salt Festival in Helmville, Montana.

The buzz around the festival was palpable and we had the opportunity to learn more about it from one of the festival organizers, Cole Mannix, co-founder of the Old Salt Co-op.

About the Old Salt Festival

The Old Salt Festival is one of connection and land stewardship. It brings together chefs, musicians, ranchers, and makers for a weekend of education and celebration. Here's a peek at last year's festival:

What is the Old Salt Co-op?

The Old Salt Co-op in Helena, Montana, is a meat company that partners with Montana ranches like the J Bar L Ranches in Melville, Montana, the LF Ranch in Augusta, Montana, the Mannix Family Ranch in Helmville, Montana, and the Sieben Livestock Co. in Adel, Montana. Similar to the Old Salt Festival, the Old Salt Co-op has a strong focus on land stewardship, but also innovating the processing and purchasing of meat.

Old Salt Festival 2024

Now in its second year, the Old Salt Festival will take place June 21-23, again, on the Mannix Ranch in Helmville, Montana.

Events over the weekend will include demos, yoga classes, walks, featured speakers, tastings, music, and dancing. Participants will learn about working ranches, cooking over a fire, and how to pack a mule for wilderness exploration. They'll listen to poetry and keynote speakers. Musical headliners include The Last Revel, Emily Nenni, and Summer Dean and featured chefs include Chef Eduardo Garcia of Montana Mex, Tournant PDX, and Woodberry Kitchen.

Tickets for the Old Salt Festival

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