There's no greater sign of success than when stories circulate so far, you hear about them, even when they're about something you're not interested in.

It's no secret that I'm not much of a sports fan. I was a dancer growing up and played a little bit of tennis but, if I watch the Super Bowl, it's for the half-time show. That being said, even I'm a fan of the bar that's getting national attention. And I think a franchise, or a bar just like it, would be a fantastic addition to Missoula.

If you haven't heard of The Sports Bra, it's maybe because you aren't familiar with the bar's name, but you've probably heard about the bar that only shows women's sports. It's been covered by Business Insider, CNBC, and The New York Times. It's on the map nationally, not only for how much money it made in its first year, but the attention its bringing to women's sports.

Here's Why This Kind of Bar Would Do Well in Missoula

The Bar Has Excellent and Inclusive Food

Normally, bars are associated with pub food, but Jenny Nguyen explains in an interview with Travel Portland that she wanted to include Vietnamese food, too, in order to "highlight [her] upbringing." Nguyen also wanted to include food for people with dietary restrictions and source the food locally.

Having more inclusive dining options in Missoula would be welcomed, I think, and why not have those food options available in a sports bar?

Missoula Loves Sports

Can you imagine what it would be like in that bar on the nights the Lady Griz play? This could be another level of fandom for #griznation. I for one could be talked into going to a sports bar if I knew I'd be watching women's soccer or women's gymnastics while I was there.

Also, the whole country is showing its love for women's sports these days.

Missoula Is Home to Succesful Women-Owned Businesses

I'd love to see collaborations between the bar and other women-owned businesses in Missoula, like art on the walls from the Missoula Makers Market, menus printed by Noteworthy Paper & Press, or retro furniture from Missoula Used Furniture.

Missoula, let's get on this.

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