A "best of" list came out, and this is one of those times when the listmakers and the locals agree.

When I shared this news with my colleagues, we had a bit of a disagreement about what 'hole-in-the-wall' actually means. Some said it meant the kind of place you'd find in a strip mall, or the kind of place that's hard to find altogether, like a hidden gem. Others said it implied quality--that it might lack ambiance, but the food would still be good.

According to an article at MSN.com, it's "the ones you might overlook from the outside..." so, a little bit of both.

Ask a Montana, or specifically a Missoulian, and they'll tell you without hesitating what the 'best hole-in-the-wall breakfast' is in Missoula. We almost didn't need this list to tell us, but it's still nice to be acknowledged. It's Paul's Pancake Parlor.

You almost forget how big Paul's is from the outside.

They have stacks upon stacks of pancakes, but the chocolate chip caramel pancakes are legendary.

Not interested in pancakes? Have a crepe with Nutella. Have a waffle sandwich. Have a chicken fried steak. Have the veggie scramble. In true diner fashion, you can get just about anything you want.

And regardless of your definition, it is "hole-in-the-wall" in all the best ways. It's in a strip mall that isn't hard to find but isn't right in your face either. The ambiance hasn't changed in years--but we like it that way. And while you might overlook Paul's if you don't know about Paul's, you wouldn't dare overlook it if you're a local.

Besides, it's hard to miss the line out the door.

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