Our MSN Travel and Tourism Page pals have posted another list --- one of those you just can't avoid looking at for your state.

This one of course lists the most underrated tourist attraction in each state. I think Montana's is maybe the most 'underground.' But underrated? That I'm not to sure about.

It seems like the Lewis and Clark Caverns get their fair share of tourism every year. That says to me they get lots of high praise and positive publicity. And while I don't have an alternate suggestion for most underrated (Gates of the Mountains from the water maybe?), I don't know if the caverns would get my vote. But MSN invites you to "experience the natural beauty of a limestone cavern. Inside you'll find stalagmites, stalactites and other formations."

And how about all of our next door neighbors? Well MSN gives their most underrated nod to Idaho's Balanced Rock State Park near Twin Falls, South Dakota's Corn Palace in Mitchell, North Dakota's International Peace Garden at the Canadian border and Wyoming's  Grand Teton National Park.

We're all looking for a cool place to visit for the first time. If you have a great suggestion for most underrated, give us a holler.


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