So, you if you spend $8 million dollars on an island, maybe you're a bit short on cash to buy amenities for it.

Whatever the reason, the absolute ridiculousness of this stunt gave us a chuckle. And no, we don't feel anymore sorry for the guy than you do.

AP tells that a multi-millionaire who just bought an island off the coast of Florida has been arrested for allegedly trying rip off a Kmart to the tune of $300 in merchandise. The guy's name is Andrew Francis Lippi. The store says he made some recent purchases, including a coffee maker and some light bulbs then brought the boxed merchandise back for a refund.

But here's the deal. The boxes he brought back didn't have the original products in them. For example, the coffee maker box contained an old basketball. Mr. Lippi claims innocence, saying the theft charges are "complicated." Complicated. Rrrrright. I know I often mistake a basketball for a coffee maker!

Like the store wouldn't look in the returned boxes! The charge is grand theft. Part of his punishment should be allowing the Kmart employees to have their Christmas party on his island.

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