I was in a shopping dilemma and in the end it came out a win-win for me. I was deciding between an instant pot and snowshoes... well as you can see I did get an instant pot.

In a good chance of events my friend Ellie had an extra pair of snowshoes and has offered to send me them and then Billy found an instant pot that was 50% off brand new. So in the end it was a win-win and I grabbed the instant pot at a deal and will hopefully be getting some snowshoes soon in the mail. I feel very fortunate that worked out and am thankful for friends.

I have not used it yet though and I am hoping this isn't one of those kitchen appliances that I will use a few times then it sits away. Everyone who has one seems to love them. My grandma had the oven one ( old school)  and now these are much fancier and safer. I have looked into making pork loin and some other dishes. Still curious on pasta with meat cooking but I will figure it out.

I am looking forward to eating healthier. I am trying to cut sweets and fast food out of my diet. The chance to make things faster and easier that are healthier is going to be welcomed.