Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin have made a very unexpected romance work for more than two years. On Tuesday (Jan. 26), the date of their wedding anniversary, we look back on how the couple met.

As reported previously, Lambert and McLoughlin cast eyes on one another on the set of GMA in November 2018, but neither made the first move. In October 2019, Lambert told the New York Times she was doing media for the release of the Pistol AnniesInterstate Gospel album, released on Nov. 2, 2018. That's the day her bandmates Angaleena Presley and Ashley Monroe spotted McLoughlin, who was doing security for the TV show.

"My girlfriends, the Annies, saw him and knew I might be ready to hang out with someone. They invited him to our show behind my back," Lambert tells the Times. "They plucked him for me. My security guy Tom, he was in on it too. He said to me, 'He’s here. And he’s pretty.'" By "ready to hang out" Lambert was referring to the time that passed after two other romances from 2018 (Anderson East and Even Felker) ended.

Lambert had instant chemistry with McLoughlin, and the couple married just months later on Jan. 26, 2019, but they kept it a secret until just after Valentine's Day, when she shared a photo on Instagram.

"Now the Pistol Annies have three husbands, two ex-husbands, three children, a stepson and 23 animals. We’ve done a lot in nine years!" she said in 2019.

See Miranda Lambert + Brendan McLoughlin at the 2020 CMA Awards:

While McLoughlin hung back from the spotlight initially, he's become his own celebrity in recent months, first appearing in the music video for Lambert's "Settling Down" and then creating his own Instagram account for the first time since their wedding, and since he left his job as a New York City Police Officer. The country singer frequently shows him off on her social media pages, literally. His toned upper body is something her female fans seem to appreciate, so often when she's promoting something he'll make a surprise appearance.

While the couple have no children, McLoughlin has a son from a previous relationship. From time to time you'll hear Lambert speaking to her role as step-mom, mostly in passing. Leading up to their anniversary, both Lambert and McLoughlin have been quiet on social media, although that figures to change. The couple was spotted in this sweet photo shared on their one-year-anniversary in 2020.

Miranda Lambert + Brendan McLoughlin at the 2021 Grammy Awards

Miranda Lambert and husband Brendan McLoughlin walk the red carpet prior to the 2021 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, on Sunday (March 14). The couple of two-plus years appear on a night that the singer is nominated for multiple awards and set to perform her song "Bluebird."

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