The 2013 Western Montana Fair is history. Now we’ve got another year to prepare. Here’s some observations on this year;

The midway was outstanding. Lots of new rides with something for everyone 3-63.  Lots of thrills, screams and smiles. A great move forward.

Some fresh paint seemed to revitalize the aging buildings and the mural on the main entrance building is really cool.

Big WELL DONE to the 4-H and FFA kids who brought animals to show. The fair would not be the same without you.

The Commerical Bldg was a disappointment.  If it weren’t for politics, a couple of Gov’t agencies, some Christian groups and some travelling sales pitchmen it would’ve been empty.

There were fewer food booths but the things that were available were very good.

I ran into lots of old friends that I always see at the Fair, and made some new friends. The beer was cold and the conversation was spirited (no pun intended).

Overall I had a good time at the Fair. I can’t help but wonder though. What is our commitment as members of the community to the fair?  What is the commitment of commercial entities to the fair?  Admittedly things are different today; we all are doing more with less. But is the Fair less in part because we all participate less?

We owe a thank you to departing manager Steve Earle for his work. We’ve got a new manager at the Fairgrounds now, we wish him well.