On Saturday morning, June 16, Missoula Police received a call from a woman who claimed that a man by the name of Keegan Strelnik and a woman by the name of Brittney Smith, had been in her home, claiming to be homeless, before committing an act of theft. Missoula Police spokesman Travis Welsh has details.

"The caller reported that between 2:00 a.m. and 3:00 a.m. she asked the couple to leave, but it wasn't until the next morning when she went out to retrieve something from her vehicle that she noticed it was missing," Welsh said. "She immediately called 911 and reported her vehicle stolen and it was at that time that she also noticed there were items missing out of her purse including cash, credit cards, e.t.c."

Later that morning, a police officer noticed the car in a casino parking lot. When he approached the car with his lights on, the female passenger crouched down in a hiding position. On closer investigation police were led to believe that the couple’s crime spree didn’t end after they took the car.

"While the vehicle was in the couples possession there had been purchase made with the credit cards: a meal at a restaurant, gas for the vehicle, e.t.c.," Welsh said. "They also found evidence of drugs in the car, and burglary tools to make entrance into other cars, residences, e.t.c."

The drug involved appears to be methamphetamine. Both of the suspects have a long history of run-ins with Missoula Police, in fact, Smith was arrested less than four weeks ago for stealing a car and selling drugs. Mr. Strelnik has been involved in meth related cases numerous times and in 2004 was facing negligent homicide charges for a New Year's Day shooting. This time, Smith is just facing four misdemeanor charges, while Strelnik is facing felony theft and drug charges.

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