It's the most wonderful time of the year! That time of year to go out and get Christmas trees and although this wasn't my tree I was able to go on the hunt for one for a friend for my first time.

I have never been on a trek for a real Christmas tree. It was fun! I had enjoyed being outdoors for many reasons and this is another. When I do want a Christmas tree I know a bit of what to do. Of course have to make sure you are on land you can legally harvest a Christmas tree. Bring warm clothes and gloves as well. We used a little hand saw and my friend Denise and I chopped it down. It was a lot easier then I thought. Plus this is such a great way to have a family memory and enjoy another holiday tradition. You can easily grab a Christmas tree permit and go out and harvest one yourself!

We were only 60 feet maybe a little more off the road really so we didn't put on the hunters orange but did bring it just in case we had to go on a hike.

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