A half-hour live concert of Christmas songs happened at Steve Boshae's Christmas Tree lot in Hamilton Wednesday afternoon. For the last 17 years, a portion of Steve's sales of plantation and "wild" trees is donated to the Hamilton High School music department. And, at least once each year, a group of Hamilton band members set up at the tree lot in the Albertson's parking lot to conduct a little Christmas concert as a "thank you" to Steve.

Over the years, he has donated about $11,000 to the school music department. Band director Shawn Thacker said the funds have been used for various needs. This year, some of the money has been used to buy new black tuxedos. In other years, drum sets have been replaced. Thacker said the funds helped the school buy a $17,000 set of tympani recently. And money from the sales will be donated again this year.

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View of the back of the band from Highway 93. (Steve Fullerton, Townsquare Media)

And, with the warm weather this week, the band only had to endure a breezy half-hour as they played traditional seasonal songs. Thacker said, "They enjoy coming down here, especially when the temperature is 60 degrees on December 1st. It makes it a lot easier - the (trombone) slides work and the fingers (on saxophones) actually move."

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There was a small gathering of folks among the parked cars, watching and listening to the tunes. Thacker said, "It gives us a chance to get out and spread a little Christmas cheer not only to Steve and the people around here, but to the people of Hamilton." Steve's Christmas tree lot is locally owned and includes all varieties of trees, along with cedar garland, wreaths, swags and other holiday decor, created locally.

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