I realize we have been a bit bracket crazy lately, but when we see our lovable Monte Bear in need of help in an online March Madness mascot duel, those of us with Montana pride can't help but rush to his aid.

Our friends over at Guyspeed have pitted our lovable furry friend up against the oddly shaped orange side-liner known as 'Otto the Orange' from Syracuse University. Sorry, but this is just a little too unfair. I mean, just LOOK at these two side-by-side! Who would you rather see hyping up the crowd at a sports game? An energetic, adorable grizzly bear all decked out on colors that are easy on the eyes? Or an orange. Yup, an orange. And a weird looking one at that.

Photo courtesy of Getty/Guyspeed

So, let's all chip in and help Monte move up the ranks in this March Mascot Madness contest. Just a quick click of the mouse is all you need to help the best mascot in the entire nation to edge further into the bracket-style competition.

Well, two clicks...starting here.

Go Monte!