I chose a wicked day to learn to ride a snowmobile on my own all day. What fun it was though. Lolo Pass got dumped on, making sticky and wet conditions for snowmobiling.

I was there on Friday and by Saturday morning they got 10 new inches of wet heavy snow and it was raining down low when we arrived which meant it was just going to warm up more. The ride up was wet but then once we climbed we did get into the snow but it was heavy so we saw a few sleds already stuck. With the snow falling the whole time we were there, we probably got another 3-5 inches.

With the warmer temperatures and snow pack the avalanche danger has been high to moderate in most areas.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM

Learning to ride a sled in almost a foot of new snow, and going off trail just meant you were going to get stuck but it was a learning experience. Lolo Pass have reports of more snow the next few days, so more powder days on the way!

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