Let me guess, you've had it and I'm uncultured swine. I had never ever heard about this, apparently "delicious" food, until recently. I say "food" because I have no idea if it's a meal or a snack. The description on the package says "sultana & raisin streamed pud." The instructions say to "microwave 30 seconds."

Hold on, I've gotta go investigate. This has got to be something European.

OK, I got some, I think it's pudding. The package says that the Aunty's brand is "the home of steamed pud." I got this package of little cups that you're supposed to microwave. According to Wiki, "Spotted dick (also known as "spotted dog" or "railway cake") is a traditional British baked pudding, historically made with suet and dried fruit (usually currants or raisins) and often served with custard."

Good god, what have I gotten myself into? There's no way I'm opening the container. What's suet? I'll be right back.

Suet is the fat from beef or mutton from around the loins or kidneys. Barf-o-rama. I appreciate other cultures, but no way am I trying this spotted dick. It's fat "puds" with raisins in it. Investigating this has made me queasy. It's British baked pudding that is usually served with custard. Hold on, I have to ask my British relatives if they eat this, stand by.

They're not answering so I can't be sure that humans actually eat these puds, but they must, because this stuff is at the regular everyday grocery store. I'm so out of the loop on this. Do you eat these puds? Are they good? Is it like cake, or what? Do tell!!

Aunty's Spotted Dick, available on Amazon
Aunty's Spotted Dick, available on Amazon

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