It is almost halfway to Halloween. Just a little over 6 months to prepare for your favorite holiday of the year. To celebrate the halfway point, we decided to dig up some the supposed most haunted locations in Missoula. Some of which have become legends among locals for having some unexplained paranormal activity.

1) The Zakos House on 5th Street

This house has long been talked about among locals as a paranormal hot spot. In fact, it is known by many as the "House of Screams" because of the disembodied screams that have been reported over the years.

According to

In May of 1946, Eleanor, her sister Henriette Lambros and a Zakos child were in a bedroom on the second floor when they first heard the screams.

They started at a low growl, then escalated, becoming higher and higher to an ear-piercing pitch. The noise would stop for a moment, then start again.

The family did their best to ignore the screams, until years later when they had a priest perform an exorcism on the house.

2) Main Hall at University of Montana

This is one location that I can confirm I had witnessed a paranormal phenomena. In the early 2000's I had secured permission to investigate the oldest building on campus. Using cameras and audio gear, the night started off pretty slow. I found myself spending time in every old classroom upstairs as well as just about every unlocked room in the building. I eventually found myself at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. We checked every door to find that they were locked tight, other than the bathrooms. I asked my partner to do a solo investigation of the bathrooms. When he came out to review the audio he captured, we both witnessed a previously locked door swing open and slam nearby. It didn't take long before we were outside catching our breath on the oval.

3) The Oxford Saloon in Downtown Missoula

Now this is one spot that I was unaware had paranormal claims attached to it. It certainly is one place in town that I have been known to "haunt" in the late night hours. But, considering the rich history of the business and building, it is no surprise that claims of paranormal activity have been made.

According to the Missoulian

"The Ox," as it is known around Missoula, was built in 1893 and is reported to be haunted by the ghosts of three cowboys, who apparently will even engage patrons in conversation!

So don't be surprised next time you find yourself eating at the Ox, and a friendly cowboy tries to talk your ear off.

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