It's about resiliency and how a community can pull together in the wake of devastation.And I can attest first hand driving through there at the time that it had to have been a heck of a challenge. The University of Montana is in Grand Forks to take on North Dakota Saturday afternoon at 5:00. In 1997 the city was struck by a severe flood that caused extensive damage, in fact it was the hardest hit city in the Red River Valley. During the height of the flooding a major fire destroyed 11 buildings in the downtown area and many neighborhoods had to be demolished to make way for a new levee system, which took 10 years to complete. But since the flood, Grand Forks has seen both private and public developments throughout town. Be sure to join us for our Rally in the Valley viewing party in Caras Park, as you and hundreds of other Griz fans watch the game with us on big screen TVs. Get more details at  kyssfmin-the-valley/14-september-2013-caras-park-2/.com 147243623