There are a lot of us of who have way too many hats. This was a great find to be able to hang hats, show your love for the outdoors and fishing.

You may be able to notice that these hats are hanging from fishing rods! So many of my fishing friends have a lot of hats. These broken rods were a part of some things I collected with Bev at Marchie's Nursery, her father who was a pioneer for the nursery owners and operators in the state but also an avid fisher had all kinds of stuff. She gifted me a number of things but when I saw some of these rods that could be fixed or may be unusable and thought there has to be some art project I can do with these.

Charene Herrera TSM
Charene Herrera TSM


Sure enough realizing I have way too many hats and this was born. I used twine with the lead wire to be able to bend it and little mini clothes line clips. Thank you so much to Bev and I always think about her and her father when I see these in my room.

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