Every Wednesday at the Cajun Experience restaurant in downtown Leesburg, Virginia is "Open Carry Wednesday", the day when patrons are encouraged to wear their licensed firearms in full view, and get a 10 percent discount on their meals. The promotion is the brainchild of owner Bryan Crosswhite. "I've seen what the restricting of freedom is all about," Crosswhite says, having worked internationally as an economist, including in the Middle East. "It's our legal right to carry. I want it to be [my customers'] right to carry in our restaurant." Crosswhite encourages his customers to carry licensed firearms every day, but the discount is only offered on Wednesdays. Many of those who come in are law enforcement and former military, he said, but others come in to enjoy the atmosphere among like-minded individuals. For now, the local Cajun food-eating public seems to have largely embraced it. Crosswhite has a sign hanging near the bar where patrons often have their pictures taken. It reads "Guns are welcome on the premises. Please keep all firearms holstered unless the need arises. In such case, judicious marksmanship is greatly appreciated by all!"

So let me share a video of my favorite youtube gun reviewer looking at my favorite carry gun:


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