Keeping a nice yard is a painstaking process in the summer. You want to keep your yard nice, so you can spend more time outside enjoying your yard. But, your dog has other plans for your yard. I am blown away that my dog (weighing approximately 12lbs) can manage to leave his weight in crap outside over the course of one week. I call these little stink nuggets "land mines." The reason being, that sometimes you don't know you are in the vicinity of one, until it is too late. That is why I spend hours each week, doing a grid pattern in my yard making sure that every last land mine has been defused. If only there was a way to have technology do the work for me.

Forget flying cars, and putting a man on Mars, the FUTURE in here! Move over all you fancy robotic sweepers. Technology has given us the robotic pooper scooper. That's RIGHT! Never again will you fear walking barefoot in your yard. Never again will you spend precious time using a stick to get dog poo off the bottom of your shoe.

The Beetl is an automated robot that has the duty of cleaning up "doody" in your yard. Much like the Roomba, the robot scans your yard for stinky "land mines," and removes them.


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