If you feel like you've been stuck inside the house for the last few months and you need to get out and do something, here's a cool event that Missoula Parks and Recreation has going on every Monday for the month of August.

Missoula Movers Coffee Walks are... well, pretty much exactly what they sound like! A chance for you to get out and move, take a walk around Missoula, and have some coffee while you're doing it.

You and your group will maintain social distancing (or wear masks if you're unable to keep a six-foot distance) and walk through many of Missoula's conservation lands, parks, and trails. Upcoming walks include the Fort Missoula Park Loop, Grant Creek, the Kim Williams Trail, and Jumbo Backbone.

After each walk, you'll be enjoying coffee donated by local coffee shops, a different one every week. If you've been looking for an excuse to get out and get some exercise in the morning, I'd say this is a pretty great one.

Will you be checking out the Missoula Movers Coffee Walks this month? How have you been trying to keep up with exercise during the pandemic? You can find whatever info you need from their Facebook event page.

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