The Bitterroot Valley and Missoula were host to a major television production this past year. Season 4 of the hit television drama, "Yellowstone" was exclusively filmed here in our own backyard. In seasons 1-3, the show had been mostly filmed in Utah, and occasional scenes took place on the Chief Joseph Rach in Darby, MT. But, for season 4, the entire production moved to Montana.

Many of us signed up to be extras on the show. Including our very own Ryan Nelson, of the Smith and Nelson show on KYSS FM. In fact, I am a little jealous I didn't try to somehow make it on the show. It is one of my favorites. Regardless, the filming that took place did have a handful of Kevin Costner sightings from residents of Missoula and the Bitterroot. Leading to somewhat of a spoiler for season 4. For those familiar with the end of season 3, things did not go well for Costner's character.

Now, fans of the hit show are speculating that Kevin Costner may not return for future seasons. Good Housekeeping recently shared rumors that Costner may be considering an out.

According to GH

(Costner) did, however, mention the coming season would be more difficult for him since he'd be away from his family for longer periods of time. "It puts me away from home. I go home every moment I can," he told us. "But this year, we're filming exclusively in Montana, which makes going home almost impossible."

Now, because of the local sightings of Costner during filming of season 4, we know he will return. But, the question is, will he make it the full 6 seasons the show is scheduled to run?

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