Missoulians are gearing up for the 32nd MisCon this week with spandex, capes and utility belts, so don't be surprised if you see Captain America or the Joker walking around downtown Missoula over the Memorial Day weekend.

Thousands of comic book, fantasy and science fiction fans will be heading to the Holiday Inn for the event.

"Our theme this year is Heroes and Villains, so we have a lot of heroes and villains walking around," said MisCon Director Justin Barba who was himself dressed up like the famous X-Man Wolverine. "We've also brought in a bunch of authors, artists, we've got some comic book creators... people like that. We bring them down and have them give panels and workshops. Brandon Sanderson is our author guest of honor, he's one of the biggest epic fantasy authors around. He'll be doing signings and talking about the writing process and how to get published."

This year won't be all science fiction either, there will be a healthy dollop of real science too.

"Dr. Jones-Engel is here, she's the successor to Jane Goodall and one of the world's leading primatologists," Barba said. "She'll be speaking about prmates and humans and how that relates to scifi, fantasy, media and stuff like that."

MisCon 32 begins at noon on Friday and will last till through Memorial Day.


If you don't know of Sanderson, below is a Google Talk with Sanderson.


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