Friday, November 9, Dominic Farrenkopf donned a turkey costume and started his annual "Turkey Trot" for Bitterroot Valley Food Banks. That same day, he delivered over $200 to each the Darby Bread box and the Stevensville's Pantry Partners. As the turkey walked the streets and roadways in each of the towns, people were encouraged to just drop a buck or two into the cornucopia horn that Dominic was carrying. He spent the morning in Stevensville and the afternoon in Darby.

But he's not done! This Friday, the "Turkey Trot" continues its Thanksgiving tradition with a full day in Hamilton. Dominic is hoping for even more donations, since he's also the mayor of the town. So, when you see the man-sized turkey walking down the streets Friday, November 16, drop some cash in the horn. We'll talk more with Dominic on Friday's "Event Show," at 8 a.m. on KLYQ 1240 AM and and your free KLYQ app on your cellphone. You might even be reading this story on that app right now.

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