Do you have chickens at home? The trend of owning chickens is getting more and more popular. Especially since the start of the pandemic. Lots of families have introduced a flock of chickens to the family.

According to a recent article in the New York Post

“We’ve seen a 260% increase in demand since last year and have struggled to keep up with it,” says CEO Traci Torres, who operates out of Monroe, Connecticut. “The main reasons are that people have more time on their hands now to look after a flock, plus they realize they are a steady source of protein and nutrition.”

But, after the "new-ness" of owning chickens wears off, how are you going to spice things up? How about you make some accessories for your feathered friends. Something that will make you smile every time you see them. Try making your own "Chicken Arms."

A very popular online image has recent made a celebrity out of a chicken from Arizona. "Sparkles" the chicken recently received a special gift from "Uncle Brian" in the mail. The gift was her very own set of "chicken arms."

These arms are basically baby doll arms, with a piece of wire attached to them. Since chickens dont use there wings much, you simply bend the wire to fit around the top of your chickens wings. Your feathered friend will look like it spends most of it's day doing dead lifts and curls.

Dont know where to find any baby doll arms? Easy, simply order as many as you need from ETSY.




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