I'm pretty sure the first thing I'm gonna do as soon as I get the vaccine is head straight to the movies. The local AMC theaters have been open in Montana for a while now, but I still haven't been back - even though, pre-pandemic, going to the movies was my number one activity. It still hasn't felt quite safe enough to head there yet, but I'm hoping to soon, and when I do, I may never leave. It doesn't even matter what's playing, I just want to sit in a movie theater and watch something on the big screen.

Missoula is home to our own historic theater - recent Townie Award winner The Roxy - but Deer Lodge has got one that's been around even longer. The Rialto Theater first opened its doors all the way back on March 2nd, 1921, which means it just celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Of course, the Rialto Theater isn't just movies - they typically plan a full season of live events, and to mark the anniversary, they'll be featuring a live stage play production of Robin Hood on March 5th, 6th, and 7th. The reason behind that show in particular? It was the first one ever shown at the theater.

Plus, there'll be a costume contest for best 1920s costume, raffles, drawings, and more to ring in the centennial. If you want to keep updated on any new movies they'll be showing or any other live events they're planning, you can check out the Rialto Theater's website right here.

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