A dance presentation at the University of Montana Theater on Wednesday will help describe the Native American perspective of fire.

Cathie Cichosz is the Native American Community Specialist for Missoula County Public Schools, working in collaboration with Commotion Dance Company and Any Given Child. Cichosz said the performance will highlight the relationship between native cultures and fire.

"The 50-minute performance uses original narration, choreography, and music to explore traditional native perspectives on fire, fire science and forest ecology," Cichosz said. "The performance has appeal for all ages, and is expected to reach over 1.500 children and adults in Missoula. We all hope that youngsters would learn some things about fire from the Native American perspective, in addition to things about dance, the arts, and how important it is for students and the public to look at dance and fire as it pertains to Native Americans and others."

Cichosz said there are two performances specifically for Missoula area school children.

"Third and sixth graders of Missoula County Public Schools will be seeing the performance on Tuesday and Wednesday," she said. "The general public can see the performance Wednesday evening at 7 p.m. at the University of Montana Theater on the UM campus."

There is no admission to the performance.


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