It's about that time when we start transitioning out of summer activities and into fall ones. Which means before ya know it, Halloween is gonna be knocking on your door!

Because we live in Missoula, Montana where our weather is fickle at best, our costumes tend to have to be on the warmer side, especially if you plan on trick-or-treating! So if you're one of those families that are Insta-cute and like to coordinate their costumes, here are a few classic and a few newer ideas to try out this year that are both super cute and on the warmer side:

1. Jurassic World

  •  Old School - Jurassic Park - New School - Jurassic World - Dad can dress up like super hunky Chris Pratt and wear tight skinny or cargo pants, a tight tee and of course a handy dandy dinosaur trainer vest. Mom can embrace the trainer look too or rock the fancy outfit with stilettos look! Definitely your call... Your kiddos can also choose between being trusty trainers or embrace their inner dinosaur! Either way you guys are gonna be the cutest little pack on the block!


2. Star Wars

  • Straight up you can't go wrong with a classic. Star Wars will always be cool and with all the new movies coming out recently, you'll have no shortage of characters to choose from! Plus you get to walk around waving glow up light sabers and pretending to use The Force on unsuspecting Missoula citizens. If that doesn't sound like fun I don't know what does...


3.Game of Thrones

  • Who doesn't want to be the 'Mother of Dragons' in real life and pretend?! Halloween is the one night out of the entire year where you actually get to embrace who you see yourself as. And I think we all have a little Khaleesi inside us! So embrace your awesomeness and gather up your little dragons and your super hunky Jon Snow and get ready to claim what is yours... all the candy in Missoula!


4.  Onesie Animals - 'Pack of Animals'

  • Okay lets be honest, Halloween takes a lot of energy to do it right! So why not make it easier and warmer on yourself this year and embrace the onsie? Let each family pick their own animal and literally go as a 'Pack of Animals!' This way everyone stays warm and covered the whole night and after the big night you can still cuddle in your onsie all winter! Onsies are the new thing people!!!

5. A Family of Porcupines or Hedgehogs

  • Seriously I almost cried when I saw the picture of a kid dressed up as porcupine. It might be the cutest thing on earth. If you haven't seen it yet, literally type in 'kid dressed like a porcupine' on Pinterest or any other search engine and you'll understand... My Halloween wish this year is to see at least one family dressed up like Porcupines and going trick-or-treating!!! Please please please send me pictures if this is gonna be YOUR family!!!!

All these costumes can be found at, or by clicking HERE!

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