Missoula County’s COVID 19 Incident Commander Cindy Farr released her Wednesday update on the health department’s Facebook page with advice to civic minded groups who want to help Missoula’s healthcare facilities.

“Before you start making masks or rounding anything up for the hospitals, it’s super important to check with the hospitals first to see what they actually need and how best to get it to them,” said Farr. “Right now, neither of our hospitals is taking homemade masks. They may ask for them in the future for patient use, but right now there’s just no need for them, so please do not, especially if you’re a high-risk individual, venture out into crowded stores for supplies and then gather with friends to make masks."

Farr provided basic advice for those who may be running a bit behind on the coronavirus issue.

“If you are in a workplace organization that has not taken any preventative measures, please do so now,” said Farr. “Find other ways to deliver services via online platforms, using telephone or email when possible and it’s important to cancel all non-essential meetings and workplace travel.”

Farr described further methods to help protect a workplace environment from COVID 19.

“Hold meetings of 10 people are greater virtually,” she said. “Try to provide at least six feet of spacing between coworkers during meetings and in-office work areas. It’s important to disinfect shared areas more frequently with an EPA approved disinfectant, and try to review your sick leave policy and encourage your employees with illness to stay home.”

Farr produces a new video message every day. On Wednesday, she was at home due to illness.


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