Rain, rain go away…or maybe it should stay. Corby Dickerson with the National Weather Service said today and tomorrow’s potential rain is a certainly welcomed spring storm.

"With this type of situation, this upper level low and unseasonably cold temperatures coming through, we've actually had a fair bit of rain, but also mountain snow has accompanied this," Dickerson said. "So as far as runoff and anything like that goes, we will see high water the next couple of days just because we've come out of a melt cycle from the recent warm temperatures."

Dickerson said due to the recent warm spell, higher elevations are lacking a bit in terms of snowpack.

"We had that really warm April and then the kind of the first part of May was on the warm side as well. That's kind of dropped us down to about half of the amount of snow we would normally have this time of year," Dickerson said. "From what we can tell and what the records do show us, we are running about anywhere from 40 to 60 percent of normal depending on which mountain range and runoff basin you're looking at."

Dickerson said we could be in better shape, but the cold weather system will slow down the melting process and add to the snowpack levels in higher elevations.


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