Have you gone and got your Christmas tree yet? It is about time to start thinking about getting out and finding the perfect tree. Keep in mind that you will need a special permit if you plan to harvest your tree off of National Forest land. But the best part about 2020 permits is that they're completely FREE!

According to the National Forest Service website

Christmas tree permits are free in 2020, and each permit allows up to three trees to be cut. Please display your permit on the dashboard of your vehicle when you go out to harvest the tree(s). Permits are good for all National Forests in Montana. Please observe the regulations and guidelines below; it is your responsibility to know where you can and cannot harvest National Forest Christmas trees.

If you plan to go out in the hills and get your own, don't forget to bring a saw. If you don't have a saw, then don't forget your trusty shotgun, with 00 buck.

After you got your tree, here are some other great tree care tips from the National Forest Service website

Your Tree Needs Special Care

  • Use a stand with a water reservoir and keep it full. A flat, even cut is best for water absorption.
  • Mist your tree with water.
  • Inspect all tree light cords for safety. A dry tree can burn in only 15 seconds. Use caution with fire near your tree. Locate it away from heat registers, fireplaces & stoves.


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