Montana is known for its harsh winters. Montana gets a lot of snow during the winter, and sub-zero temperatures are fairly common. Many experts are predicting a long, cold winter in Montana, and we definitely need all of the snow and moisture we can get.

Many wildfires are still burning in the state, and snow will help extinguish the flames. In Montana, fire season usually ends when the snow starts to fly.

After this summer, many Montanans are eagerly awaiting the cooler temperatures as we transition into winter. Many places throughout the state suffered from drought-like conditions this year. There's something special about those cool crisp winter mornings in Montana. Snow also means ski season, and we clearly don't have a shortage of skiers and snowboarders that live here.

For those of us looking forward to winter, here's some good news. A few places in Montana reported their first snowfall of the year. It can literally snow at any time of the year in Montana, but typically the first snowfall usually happens toward the end of September.

Into the Little Belts posted a video on Facebook that shows the snow falling on Highway 89 near Monarch, Montana and it looks like it was really starting to come down this morning. Watch the video below.

In addition to the Little Belt Mountains, a webcam video of snowfall was shared by Showdown Montana, a ski area near Neihart, Montana.

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