A six-year-old boy in Savannah, Georgia, named Jaden Hayes is trying to make everyone in the world smile, even as he himself has had very little to smile about lately.

The young boy has tragically lost both of his parents. His father passed away two years ago and then his mother died unexpectedly just two weeks ago. It's a lot more than any six-year-old could ever be prepared for or be able to deal with.

So during his mother's funeral, Jaden looked around at his grieving family and wanted to know how he could make everyone, including himself, happy again. So his aunt told him that to get others to smile, he should smile at them.

Jaden thought this was simple enough, so he set out to make everyone he came in contact with smile. Accompanied by his aunt, he hit the streets and brought along some small toys to hand out to get people to smile. And it's been working.

Jaden's aunt believes his effort, which has been dubbed The Smile Experiment, has already brought smiles to hundreds of faces. His cousin has been chronicling his success on Instagram.