For the second year in a row country artist Jessica Lynn rocked the stage at Headwaters Country Jam! Sounding very similar to Shania Twain with her own twist. The real reason why I really think Jessica Lynn is going to be a big star is how passionate she is about making country music. Talking to her after her set, this is all she wants to do in life. She has been making music since thirteen years old, even working for years in a wedding band with her family. She will do whatever it takes to succeed in this business, and that is so refreshing to hear and see in younger artists.

The other thing that really impresses me about Jessica Lynn are the people that she surrounds herself with. Her band members are close personal family and friends. Her fiance is a very nice guy who performs with her and the whole group looks out for each other. She takes the time to thank her fans and take pictures even when she is exhausted after her performance.

After talking with her for a while at Headwaters Country Jam, I am convinced Jessica Lynn will be a big star in no time. Hopefully doing lots of shows in Missoula very soon!

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