We all have one thing or another that makes us realize we are nerds or dorks, for me it is fantasy sports. I participate every year and actually co-commission a fantasy baseball and football league we call the League of Champions 2.0. This means that at least once a year (although we try to make it twice per year) we get together with friends and eat, drink, talk about sports, and talk trash to each other. We always draft our fantasy baseball teams together, football is more difficult to get set up.

This Thursday most of the league is jumping on airplanes as we are going to draft this year from Las Vegas. That means the 12 people in the league as well as some wives are all traveling for the fun filled weekend. Everyone is encouraged to have fun doing whatever they want and at 1pm on Saturday we will draft our teams. With it taking place in Vegas you can expect team managers to drink too much and put together some questionable draft picks but it will be fun to watch the draft play out.

Savannah is one of the wives or girlfriends that will be taking part in the trip as they have a day filled with lady activities planned which includes going to the gun range, breakfast on the Vegas strip and cocktails at a famous bar called Minus 5 bar. It is going to be lots of fun for both the guys and the girls, let's just hope I can win on some sports bets so the weekend isn't too expensive! :)

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