COVID really threw a wrench into everyone's plans for 2020, and everybody has been affected differently. But I'd imagine it was especially frustrating if you were putting the work in to create a new, annual event that was designed to draw in people and were getting ready for its inaugural year... and then, at the last minute, had to delay it.

That was the case with the Big Sky Fringe Festival, which had been scheduled to kick off its first year in May 2020 in Missoula... and then, obviously, it didn't. The idea behind the Big Sky Fringe Festival was to highlight weirder, more obscure artists of all kinds than you might find at a more mainstream festival. That includes people working in music, theater, comedy, performance art, and more.

But luckily, those artists will get their moment in the sun as the Big Sky Fringe Festival has announced that it WILL happen in 2021, though on a smaller scale than they were originally planning. Like the International Wildlife Film Festival, this will be a hybrid event, featuring some actual live performances around town mixed in with virtual, streaming-only sets.

Westside Studios and Theater will be home to a few of the live performances, while other businesses around town that are yet to be determined may also host some music or comedy. Hopefully, this is enough of a success that they can really go forward with the full plans that they had originally next year, and we can make 2022 as awesome and big as it can be.

If you want to check out the Big Sky Fringe Fest - which takes place May 20th through May 23rd - you can find everything you need to know over at their website.

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