It is almost time for one the biggest food holidays of the year. Okay, this Sunday is not an "official" holiday. But, it ranks in the top 5 for my favorite days to chow down on some grub. Thankfully, the "holiday" follows hunting season, and there is usually a surplus of wild game in the freezer. That is why I like to utilize the wild game and incorporate it into as many dishes as I can for the upcoming football game.

A recent study found that, when it comes to favorite Super Bowl foods, many states voted on chicken wings, burgers or different kinds of dips. Today we combine 2 of the USA's favorite football foods, using some of the venison you harvested this past fall. Dig out a package of deer burger from the freezer, and try the Beer Cheese Dip Deer Burger.

Recipe courtesy of Legendary Whitetails


• 1 Lb. Ground Venison

• 2 - 8 Oz. Packages Cream Cheese

• 1 Dry Ranch Seasoning Packet

• 2 Cups Finely Shredded Cheddar Cheese • 1 Beer of fruity flavors - use about 4 ounces in dip.

• Salt & Pepper

• Pretzel Buns


1. In a large mixing bowl, prepare the beer cheese dip by adding in the two packages of cream cheese, ranch packet, shredded cheddar cheese, and add a quick poor of beer (2 ounces to start). Begin to mix with a hand mixer, add beer to mix until consistency resembles that of peanut butter. Set aside. 2. Season and mix the ground venison and form into two equal sized balls. Press and flatten slightly, but do not form actual patties. 3. Using the beer can or bottle, push it down into the meat, while lifting and rotating the bottom of the can to let the air out. Stop once you've pushed the can down about 1/2 - 3/4 of the way. 4. Form the rest of the ground venison up and around the beer can as if you were making a bowl. Remove can. 5. Fill the ground venison burger bowl with a scoop of the beer cheese dip. 6. Grill on medium low heat until burger is done all the way around. 7. Slap it on a pretzel bun and enjoy!

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