How do you say, "What are you thinking, stupid?" in German? Doesn't matter. He's not thinking in any language. Forget just texting while driving. Some guy in Germany got pulled over by police. He had wired his vehicle with an entire mobile office. They stopped him for speeding and found a wooden frame on the passenger seat with a laptop on a docking station tilted for easy driver access, a printer, router, wireless internet stick, WLAN antenna and an inverter to power it all. What, no Wii console? No, but there of course was a navigation system and cellphone mounted to the windshield. Since there was no evidence he was using the office while moving when he got pulled over he got away with just a fine for speeding. Yeah, and I'm sure he NEVER uses this stuff while driving. What do you bet local law enforcement keeps an eye on this dumkopf? DB