I will never forget the day that I found some change under my parent's couch and decided to try and buy candy with it. I was probably 7 or 8 years old. A convenience store was a little over a block away from our home. (It was the 80s, so letting an 8-year-old walk to a gas station wasn't a big deal.) After scrounging up nearly 50 cents, I was sure I was going to get myself a whole bunch of cavity-causing treats. There was only one problem. The change I found was not REAL money. I only figured it out, when the gas station clerk laughed at how I was attempting to pay with plastic "play money." I was heartbroken when I realized the change I found was from my Fisher-Price Super Market toy set.

It appears a different kind of "play money" is being exchanged around the Helena area. Granted this "play money" is not as easy to catch as my phony plastic nickels were. But, they are ridiculously fake. You would have to be half asleep not to realize just how fake they are. Yet they still seem to be doing the trick and fooling some people.  At least enough to get the police involved.

See if you can spot what is weird about these "Benjees"???

If you noticed they are "For Motion Picture Use Only," you got it. To the untrained eye, a person may have to look twice to notice the fake. But, these bills are not far from being Monopoly money.

Be aware that these bills could also be circulating in other communities around Montana.

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