Tuesday's primary election in Missoula County saw a voter turnout of approximately 25 percent, according to county officials.

Missoula County Elections Officer Rebecca Connors said that 25 percent number was about normal for a primary.

"County-wide, I'd say we saw a 25 percent voter turnout, and that's in line with other primaries we've seen in the past," Connors said. "We found the primary a great run-through to determine what's working and what's not working, and how we can make sure things are successful in November. We anticipate double the turnout in November, so, for us it was wonderful."

Connors said the general election ballot will be much more crowded than the primary ballot.

"Right now, we have about 18 petitions which are in the final stages of circulation," Connors said. "Plus, there are three ballot issues slated for November's ballot. So, with all the ballot issues and all of the state, federal and local races, we're anticipating a two to four-page ballot."

Connors said she expects the number of residents who vote absentee to continue to increase by the time the general election arrives.

Missoula County Elections Officer Rebecca Connors

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