Tomorrow is an exciting day. Not only for me but for thousands of outdoorsmen and women around Montana. October 2nd marks the opening day of waterfowl hunting in Montana. That means, in places like the Bitterroot and Flathead valleys, it is going to sound like World War Three. Ducks and geese are going to look like bombers flying over the French coast in 1945.

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I have only been waterfowl hunting for going on my 3rd year now. I don't understand how I waited so long in life to take it up. It is not only thrilling but a great way to spend some time outdoors with my kid. In the few years I have been chasing ducks and geese, I have learned and seen a lot. But, so far I have yet to witness a kangaroo.

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You may remember a few months ago when we reported a kangaroo lost in a neighborhood in Whitefish. I did a little more research into how a kangaroo wound up in Whitefish. Turns out the story is a little more "wild" than you think. The "Roo" is not actually a kangaroo, but a wallaroo. A wallaroo is a marsupial that is larger than a wallaby, but smaller than a kangaroo. The wallaroo got loose from a barn following a grizzly bear attack.

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Well, in a related story, the same thing happened in Oklahoma. A kangaroo went missing and was spotted by a goose hunter in a cow pasture. The video is priceless.

Bottom line. You never know what you going to run into in the duck blind. Happy Hunting!

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