If you’re looking for a gift this year for the true Missoulian, or if you’re just looking to ship a little Missoula to someone for Christmas, then look no further. We have put together a list of gifts that are unique to Missoula and Western Montana. We have a little something for everyone.

Pop the top, tip it back and take a swig - You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love beer. Missoula has great local breweries like Kettle House, Bayern or Big Sky and tons of great microbrews to choose from. Put together a six pack of your favorite brews.

Powder, chill and swoosh - We’re very lucky to live near some great ski areas. This gift would be great for anyone who enjoys hitting the slopes. There’s nothing quite like a season pass to Western Montanan’s finest like Snowbowl or Look Out.

Shimmy, shake and groove - What better gift to give a fitness buff or dance lover than a dance class that’s named for our unique town. Give them a membership for a month’s worth of Oula classes. Classes are offered at a variety of locations including the YMCA, Access Fitness and Downtown Dance.

Shine, shimmer and bling - I have a friend who works at Rockin Rudy’s, and also sells her jewelry there too. The Book Store at The University of Montana and the M Store also carry local jewelry.

Flys, nymphs and water gear - Book a trip or pick something from one of Missoula’s great fly shops like Grizzly Hackle, Kingfisher or Blackfoot River Outfitters. If you have a serious fly fisherman who owns his own boat, you could order a fancy new Rod Dog from Montana Raft Frames.

Paddles, boards and kayaks – You can find a variety of water goodies at Strongwater. This is a great shop for the outdoor enthusiast who loves to paddleboard or kayak.

Brew, steam and sip – Missoula has tons of great local coffee houses and drive-thrus like Liquid Planet, Loose Caboose or Zootown Brew. Who wouldn’t love a gift card to their favorite coffee shop? This could make many Monday mornings a lot more bearable.

Slurp, munch and crunch – It’s hard to go too far in this town without running into one of our unique and tasty local eateries. Paul’s Pancake Parlor, Noodle Express and The Oxford are just a few of the great options you have to choose from.

Ride, spin and learn - If you want something that doesn’t fit in a box for your little one, you could always invest in a set of tokens from A Carousel for Missoula and a pass to The Children’s Museum. Your little one will love an excuse to get out of the house and beat that cabin fever.

Football, basketball and gear – It’s hard to walk into almost any place in Missoula and not find at least one thing Griz. But, if you have the dough, there isn’t a single Missoulian out there who wouldn’t love a season pass or at least a few tickets to some Griz games - no matter what the sport.

Joy Larson is a mother of four boys, graduate of The University of Montana, animal lover and writer.

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