Looking for a truly unique snack for the game this weekend? Well, with the help of Butte resident Deb and an old cookbook do we have a recipe for you. If you want to add a “continental flair” go for the MaLing Luncheon meat, it’s made in Holland.

Deb took the liberty of adding some comments are she copied us the recipe;

GLAZED LUNCHEON MEAT  (you're hungry already, aren't you?)


1 (12 oz.) can luncheon meat  (don't even think about using fresh - only canned will do)

1/2 cup pancake syrup  (notice it doesn't say "maple" syrup, just "pancake" syrup)

1/2 cup tomato paste, chili sauce or catsup (sounding better by the ingredient, isn't it?)

1/2 teaspoon mon-sodium glutamate (can you even by that stuff on the open market anymore?)


Cut luncheon meat into 3/4" cubes (detail is critical), arrange in a small baking dish.  Mix syrup, tomato paste (or whatever), and MSG together.  (Oh YUM!!)  spread syrup mixture lovingly over luncheon meat.  (I added "lovingly" - that was not part of the original recipe.)  Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  (Seriously.  350 for 30 minutes for a product that is already cooked.  But you cannot be too careful with canned luncheon meat.)  Serve hot.  Use toothpicks to eat as appetizers for that festive game day touch!  (I also added "festive game day touch".)