This morning on the Craig & Al Morning Show we were talking about former Griz standout Mark Mariani signing autographs for over twelve hours in his hometown of Havre.  One of "The Faithful 19" checked in with even a better story about Mark.

We'll let listener Keith Koprivica's email pick up the story here:

Several weeks ago, my brother attended a Titans game in Nashville.  Former Griz Tim Houck is now an assistant coach with the Titans and was nice enough to get my brother a pass to the players parking lot after the game.  While my brother was waiting for the players to come out, he visited with Mark Mariani's parents.  Apparently Mark is very popular with the young women in Nashville.  When he came out into the parking lot, he was approached by one young lady for an autograph.  He autographed her shirt, then she asked him to autograph her bare skin and proceeded to lower her trousers to a  point that the top of her buttocks was showing.  At that point Mark's mother decide she had seen enough and went right over there and said "THAT'S ENOUGH!"