If this is a sign, this couple is going to have a charmed marriage. And they'll probably take up metal detecting for a hobby.

Associated Press tells us that a bride-to-be was washing sand off her hands at the shore when her engagement ring slipped off into the water. Well, the water happened to be Lake Michigan...not exactly a backyard kiddie pool. Granted it was along the shoreline, but still Jamie Kennedy figures the ring is gone forever.

We assume through social media lamenting, John Dudley got word of Jamie's mishap and headed for the lake with his metal detector. The waves were pretty rough but he got a signal and was able to scoop up Jamie's engagement ring! I suppose if you're the president of a western Michigan metal detector club you have a pretty high-tech machine.

We also assume that John will be invited to the wedding and get to take some cake to his buddies in the metal detector club!