I am completely convinced that if you take a nap on Christmas, that means you're having a great holiday. And yes, that picture of me above is my nap on Christmas this year. The nap truly means you had so much fun Christmas morning you have to recharge your batteries.

My Christmas fun actually started on Christmas Eve as that is when I got to celebrate with my brothers, sister and dad. My niece and nephews were so excited to open presents as us grown ups were dealing with that face that our Seahawks just lost to the Arizona Cardinals a game that they were expected to win. Ugh. At the end of the night Savannah and I went to her parents to do Christmas morning with her family.

Christmas morning was fantastic as I got to see kids faces light up as they opened gifts from family members and even Santa Claus. Those faces are truly what made Christmas special! We ate lots of food the entire trip, but luckily our new years resolutions kick in next week.

I had so much fun, but as always the time went by so fast!

  • EXTRA!

    Look at the beautifully snow covered Lolo, MT!