We're known for our casual dress here in Montana. When you go out you're  likely to see everything from Air Jordans to well worn Tony Llamas. I wonder how well this dress code would fly around here?

Larry Chatman, his fiancée, Shannon Brant, and some friends ended up in the Columbus OH  Arena District .But when they tried to get into Park Street Patio, an employee stopped Chatman at the door. A bouncer told him he wasn’t allowed in because had (Air) Jordans on. He was told that Air Jordan sneakers violated the bar’s dress code. Here's their admission policy;

On extremely crowded nights, admission to our club is left to discretion of the door staff.  But there are tips that can enhance/increase the likelihood that you will be admitted.  They are as followed

  1. Come early and appropriately dressed, (i.e., no athletic attire, including jerseys, pants ball caps must be worn straight forward or straight back, all shirts must have sleeves, no plain white t-shorts, no sagging pants, no holey jeans, and clothing must be clean.
  2. Buy a table!
  3. Fellas - If you come, don't come with a bunch of guys - BRING SOME LADIES WITH YOU!!!! This enhances the atmosphere.
  4. Make a reservation.
  5. Don't give the door staff a hard time.

If on crowded nights you are in line and not admitted, don't assume it is based on race.  We want a diverse club that reflects the City of Columbus' racial, ethnic & cultural diversity.  So be assured, the only color that really matters is GREEN!  If you don't gain entry into one club, move on down the road to one of our other fine clubs!  On Park Street, there is something for EVERYONE!